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What's in a name? Essential oils by any other name...

Many people ask me what brand of essential oils I use when making my products. They expect to hear things like DoTerra or Young Living. Many are shocked to hear that I don't use any of these companies.

As a manufacturer, I order essential oils from wholesale companies in large quantities (a gallon or more at a time). For most people, a gallon of essential oils would expire before they could be used. These companies send testing data on the oils to prove their pureness and efficacy. Many use spectrometer data so I can compare from batch to batch to ensure that I am continually getting consistent oils.

If I were to order from the larger-known name-brand companies, the cost of my products would be so crazy that nobody but millionaires could afford them. I don't want to exclude the normal, hard-working people from enjoying our products! We all need clean, healthy, moisturized skin! So enjoy all of our products knowing they are made with only the purest essential oils for your benefit and mine!

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