Life can be beautiful when we take time to smell the flowers.

At Sheridan Soap Company, it is our passion to create body care products that burst forth with the creativity displayed in the raw natural ingredients God created for us to enjoy!  We truly do consider you when considering ingredients, as much as we considered ourselves when we decided to start making healthy, clean products for our own home.  Since that journey began more than 10 years ago, we have only grown in our commitment to purity concerning our products, along with integrity concerning our business practices.  Thank you for considering our products and enjoy the gallery.

Original My Soap, perfectly sliced for maximum adventure with minimal waste!

Signature Scent Collection

Sheridan Soap Company Signature Beveled Edge Luxury Soap Bars

We hand-bevel every edge of our bars making them smooth to the touch from the very first use!  It's a labor of love...we can't help it.