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Now that My Soap is Your Soap!  Where will you take it?


My Soap is perfectly sliced for those who appreciate all the benefits of real artisan soap and want a more convenient, adventure-friendly way to bring their favorite scents wherever their travels take them. Each handy canister of My Soap contains:

  • Practically 1 month worth of soap
  • Nearly 5 oz of artisan soap sliced into 30 precision slices
  • A convenient travel-sized solid wood soap dish


Made with non-GMO, organic, and fair-trade ingredients and free from artificial dyes and fragrances, My Soap slices will keep your footprint small and waste to a minimum while out in the wilderness or overlooking the city skyline of a concrete jungle.


So, why are stinking dirty people everywhere trying to get their hands on My Soap? My Soap is the best thing since sliced bread! To make real soap easier for stinking dirty people to use anywhere and everywhere, we sliced it into perfectly-sized, single-use slices. Now, delightfully-smelling, squeaky-clean people are using My Soap slices EVERYWHERE! Now that My Soap is YOUR soap, you'll never again have to worry about where that community bar of "soap" has been or what's in that pink goop! You're welcome.

My Soap

  • Fisherman’s Soap with Anise Essential Oil and Poppy Seed

    Anise essential oil has been used for centuries to naturally attract fish and mask human scent on bait, lures, and fishing implements. We add poppy seeds for some grime & slime-cutting grit. Whether fishing for fish or simply fishing for great smelling exfoliating soap, this anise essential oil scent is a hit for anyone who likes the smell of old-fashioned licorice!


    Traveler's Soap with Key Lime and Spearmint

    With the sparky combination of key lime and spearmint essential oils and ground spearmint, our Traveler's Soap keeps you fresh and on your toes from coast to coast and beyond!


    Adventurer's Soap with Honey, Lemon, & Oatmeal

    Like enjoying a sunrise with a warm bowl of oatmeal looking out over a misty lakefront, our Adventurer's soap slices are designed to capture the joy of real soap anywhere your adventures take you. The combination of 100% pure honey with lemon and lemongrass essential oils cleanses, nourishes, and awakens your skin. Ground organic oatmeal provides a gentle exfoliating quality for a pleasant finishing touch.


    Pioneer's Soap wtih Coffee and Spices

    Feel like a real pioneer when you include the smell of fresh ground coffee. This soap will get anybody's day started right. Whether your welcoming the crisp morning air or slowing down with a stunning sunset, the smell of coffee does your senses well!


    Voyager Soap with Lavender

    After a long, hard day hiking, you tumble are ready to relax and enjoy the evening.  Your Voyager Soap is just waiting to wash away the trail dust and fill your senses with soothing lavender essential oil.


    Minty Oatmeal

    This soap brings clear skies and mountain views to mind with the combination of smooth spearmint and peppy peppermint essential oils! Ground organic oatmeal provides a gentle exfoliating quality for a pleasant finishing touch!


    Sage & Pine

    Nothing captures the open range of the wild west more than the aroma of sage and pine trees. We use the finest and most expensive of all sage essential oils, clary sage, and the difference is captivating! Close your eyes and take in the view!

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